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07FH6ans - Fall 2007 Homework#6 due 10 a.m Mon Oct 15th...

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3. (10 points) Outline a synthesis of E . You may use any material that contributes three or fewer carbons to the final product. 1. (10 points) Draw structures for A and B . You may use either absolute configuration with A , but then be consistent with B . 2. (10 points) Draw an arrow-pushing mechanism for the following transformation.
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Unformatted text preview: Fall 2007 Homework #6 due: 10 a.m. Mon. Oct 15th Name ___________________ Chem 331 E HO HO OH H +- H 2 O O C D BH 3 ; ox A CrO 3 B OH A O B H + O O H H H O H O H CN + CH 3-MgBr O MgBr E HO...
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