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Week 1/A Lecture Notes Nanook of the North – Flaherty Irony: he used fakery to shoot the movie that established the genre of documentary films. Viewers need to realize that films are subjective and there are omissions in the film through editing. Didn’t mention that this was how Inuits used to live and not how they lived at the time of filming. Ideolized and Romanticized them. Even though he respects them he trys to get out his own perspective. Has them biting records to show ignorance when really Inuits already had radios. Didn’t barter like in the movie already used money. Some of laughter seen on Inuits not actually for reasons portrayed, often bc he asked them to do what they considered to be stupid tasks. Doesn’t show other problems Inuits faced besides just nature, such as western diseases, alcoholism, etc. He shot Nanook as a singular family (nuclear) when in reality Eskimos stayed in tribes. Flaherty defends himself by saying that he fudged reality to catch the true spirit of
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