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Week 1A Reading - Week 1A Reading Barnouw (pg 1-51) Week A...

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Week 1A Reading Barnouw (pg 1-51) Week A we watched Muybridge’s films that foreshadowed a crucial aspect of the documentary film: its ability to open our eyes to worlds available to us but, for one reason or another, not perceived. Marey followed Janssen’s lead, devising a fusil photographique, a photographic gun. At 1 st photos were successive images on the same glass plate; but in 1887 he switched to photographic paper and the next yr. to celluloid strips, w/ 40 images per strip. Approached motion pic. Technology. Alva Edison and Louis Lumiére raced against many to develop the experiments into a commercial reality and an industry. Lumiére succeeded when Edison did not bc Edison tried usin a camera that needed 7 men to move and had electricity to ensure an even speed of operation. Called “the Black Maria” and to film items were brought before it, deprived of any context or environment. Louis Lumiére’s camera, the cinématographe 1895 weighed only 5 kilos. Used as camera, projector, and printing machine. Louis sole inventor and hold monopoly. Use movement from a distance toward the viewer, and depth of field in sequence gave audience diff experience then ever before. Carpentier began delivering Louis the camera and bc he ordered 200 and now could film whole world. Lumiére brothers dropped out of film production early to focus on manufacture and sale of cinématographes. Lumiére co. in 3 yrs. Had set new industry in motion on five continents and enshrined word cinema (shortening cinématographe). Put France in lead as film producers. Docs. main type of film and when a Lumiére operator came to a country meant beg. Of film history. B/c no sound speakers stood beside screen and explained action. IN Asian countries were very popular. Equipment improvements broughts longer reals. 1900 a one real film last 2 min and 5 yrs. later last 10 min. 1907 docs. outnumbered fiction films but trend was changing and docs. declining. Editing techniques were changing the world of fiction and not docs. Changes nature of film communication. Royalty loved being filmed with cinématographe like King, Tsar, Kaiser, Emperor, Maharajah. Promoted them, became purveyors of royal performances, public relations. Roosevelt loved being filmed and always obliged when operator around.
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Week 1A Reading - Week 1A Reading Barnouw (pg 1-51) Week A...

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