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Chapter 3 notes

Chapter 3 notes - monopoly 6 Capitalism matures a Increased...

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1) “Road to Rock Bottom”/ Upton Sinclair and the EPIC (End Poverty in California) Campaign a) Responsibility of the individual to get out of poverty b) Democrats control national poverty c) WWII brings US out of poverty Chapter 3: Political Culture and Ideology 1) Political Culture : the widely shared beliefs, values, and norms concerning the relationship of citizens to government and to one another (shared values) a) Liberty/ Freedom b) Equality c) Individualism d) Respect for the Common Person e) Commitment to Democratic Consensus 2) The American Dream 3) Capitalism: freedom, free enterprise, competition, egalitarianism 4) New Deal Liberalism America a) Strong federal government 5) Less competition
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Unformatted text preview: monopoly 6) Capitalism matures a) Increased industrialization i) Increased productivity b) Increased unemployment 7) Capitalism maturing challenges freedom and equality/ egalitarianism 8) Great Depression a) Dealignment b) Realignment i) Shift from republican to democrat 9) Classical Liberalism: promotes limited government, stressed individual rights and liberties a) Government should not interfere with economics b) Limited government c) Political and economic freedom d) Similar to today’s conservatism 10) Neo Liberalism a) Clinton i) Republican congress 11) Neo Conservatism a) Free trade b) Social involvement by government...
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