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Chapter 5: Political Parties and Interest Groups 1) Interest Group a) Influences those in office and the electorate 2) Political Parties a) Run for election into office b) Purpose i) Organize the competition ii) Unify the electorate (1) Individuals can be more effective in getting what you’re looking for (2) Expands electorate voting motives not just single issue, the big picture iii) Organize government (1) Patronage appointing people of a specific party for office
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Unformatted text preview: iv) Preferences into policy 3) Primary Elections a) Closed i) You can only vote for the political party in which you’re registered ii) Maryland iii) Florida b) Open i) You can vote for parties in which you’re not registered ii) South Carolina 4) Proportional Representation a) Opposition to winner-take-all b) Winner-take-all=more stability...
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