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Paul Donhauser POL 111—American Government Taking Sides: Issue 1: Is There Too Much Democracy in the World? With all the problems facing today’s world, the question of having too much democracy in the world has arisen. Is democracy to solution or the cause of all these problems? Fareed Zakaria, a prominent editor of Newsweek hailing from India, contends that democracy is the cause of all of these problems and that the solution is less democracy. On the other hand, Robert Kagan sees the solution being more democracy, even if it fails at first. Zakaria’s underlying theme throughout his essay is that some places in the world are not stable enough for democracy. To him, it is inevitable that small countries beginning with a democratic form of government are susceptible to corruption and fraud. For example, he brings up the issue of ethnic or religious intolerance in government citing India’s democracy. In his
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