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chapter 5 - Chapter 5 Reproduction 1 Asexual a one parent...

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Chapter 5 Reproduction 1. Asexual a. one parent cell that donates all DNA to the offspring b. produces exact copies of the parent cell c. Ex: growth, cloning 2. Sexual: a. two parents each contributes ½ of the DNA to offspring b. produces genetically different offspring DNA/ Genetics 1. Chromosomes found in nucleus a. Made of DNA and protein b. Condensed DNA c. Visible during cell division 2. Chromatin a. Uncondensed DNA b. Not visible without an electron microscope c. Used to make proteins 3. James Watson & Francis Crick : founders of the “Double-Helix Model” of DNA in 1953 4. Chemistry/ Structure a. Nucleic Acids: made up of nucleotides (monomer) b. Nucleotide i. Phosphate Group ii. 5 carbon sugar molecule iii. Nitrogen Base 1. Adenine (always paired with Thymine) 2. Thymine (always paired with Adenine) 3. Cytosine (always paired with Guananine) 4. Guananine (always paired with Cytosine) 1
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Chapter 5 5. DNA Replication/ Synthesis a. Makes an exact copy of the original (parental) DNA b.
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