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chapter 9 - see similar structures(origins c Comparative...

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Chapter 9 Evolution 1) Evidence a) Comparative anatomy: similarities/ differences in physical features i) Homologous structures: similar in internal structure (bones in same relative positions) and have similar origin ii) Vestigial structures: greatly reduces in size, no longer function (similar embryonic origin); Ex.: human tailbone, appendix, wisdom teeth, etc. iii) Analogous structures: alike externally (similar function); not alike internally (different skeletal features) b) Comparative Embryology: compare developmental stages between various embryos to
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Unformatted text preview: see similar structures (origins) c) Comparative DNA: compare nucleotide sequences to look for similar sequences; Human & Chimp DNA are 99% similar d) Biogeography: looking for relationships between the locations (on Earth) where the organisms and their ancestors live/ lived; Ex.: marsupials mostly in Australia e) Fossils i) Scarce ii) Fossil record is incomplete iii) Relative date (radioactive dating)...
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