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chem lab final - Small Scale Chemistry: Know: reasons and...

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Small Scale Chemistry: Know: reasons and advantages Sig Figs: Know: look at #s given at beginning of problem Exp 1 Know: vocab list Exp 2 Know: definition of spectroscopy, difference btw line and continuous spectrum, energy transitions, define white light, wavelength range of white light, list colors of spectrum from highest to lowest frequency, structure of spectroscope and discharge tube, how spectroscope was calibrated, Bohr equation, Balmer series Spectroscopy: study of the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with matter (interaction of light and matter) Continuous spectrum: rainbow, shows all frequencies Line spectrum: fingerprints for elements, contain only certain frequencies depending on the elements present White light: band of light the human eye is sensitive to, 400-750 nm red lowest frequency and energy violet highest frequency and energy The narrower the slit, the thinner the line on the spectrum, the farther from light source, the fainter the line Calibration of spectroscope: grid with #s, looked at Hg spectra (values from grid) obtain known values (λ vs. grid #) c = λ ν, E = h ν (h = Planck’s constant) Balmer series: 1/λ = R (1/n f 2 – 1/n i 2 ) (R = Rydberg constant, n f = 2) % difference = ׀ accepted-observed ׀ /accepted x 100% Exp 3 Know: observed/absorbed colors, why substance absorbs visible light, technique of colorimetry, process which removes energy from excited food dye molecules, dilution equation, Beer’s law, standard deviation (2/3’s rule, by hand) color absorbed, opposite color reflected (color wheel, complimentary colors) whether or not a substance absorbs visible light depends on electronis energy levels of the molecule (how far electron is from nucleus) colorimetry: find conc of solution by comparing it with another solution of a known concentration
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chem lab final - Small Scale Chemistry: Know: reasons and...

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