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final study guide - Review Sheet Chapters 9 10 11 13 and 14...

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Review Sheet - Chapters 9, 10, 11, 13, and 14 You may use a calculator . If for any reason you miss the exam, call me immediately (x3487) or e-mail ( [email protected] ). Review Questions : 1. (a) Name the three domains used today in biological classification. (b) What four kingdoms are included in the domain, Eukarya? (c) Using humans as an example; list, in order from general to specific, the levels of organization used to classify living things. (d) The system of binomial nomenclature, begun by Linnaeus, is used to give each organism its own … 2. (a) What is evolution? (b) Why was Lamarck’s theory of the inheritance of acquired characteristics invalid? (c) Explain Darwin’s theory of evolution due to natural selection. What does the term “fitness” refer to in terms of evolutionary success? (d) What is an adaptation? 3. Name and give examples of the types of evidence used in support of evolution. 4. How are homologous, analogous, and vestigial structures different? Which type(s) infer similar evolutionary origin (having a common ancestor)?
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