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Chapter 8 notes - 1 CHAPTER 8: PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS 1)...

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C HAPTER 8: P HILOSOPHY AND E THICS 1) Morality a) What should we do? b) What is morally right/ wrong, good/ bad, acceptable/ unacceptable? 2) Ethics a) Study of morality b) Study of values and guidelines by which we live, as well as the justification of these values and guidelines c) Division of Ethics i) Descriptive Ethics (1) Empirical study of the obligations and values that people accept as a matter of fact (2) Ex: to gather information about what a representative sample of Americans believe to be the important values in their lives ii) Normative Ethics (1) Not a study of what our moral beliefs are , but of what they ought to be (2) About ideal, how we ought to live, and about what sort of things we ought to value (3) Because it is about ideals, normative ethics is not an empirical study; ideals can not be observed (4) Also known as Ethical Theory iii) Applied Ethics (1) Business ethics, health care ethics, media ethics (2) While normative ethics gives us general guidelines for determining right from wrong, applied ethics is the study of how to use these general guidelines to make specific type of moral decisions iv) Theoretical Ethics (Meta-ethics) (1) Concerned with the justification of values and guidelines (2) Involve skill in moral reasoning and critical thinking 3) Ethical Relativism a) There is no objective basis for deciding between conflicting moral outlooks b) There is no true story about ethics and ethical judgments primarily as preferences for a certain type of conduct, lifestyle, or society c) Claim: what is morally right for me is not necessarily morally right for you. i)
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Chapter 8 notes - 1 CHAPTER 8: PHILOSOPHY AND ETHICS 1)...

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