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Final review

Final review - b Benevolence c Descriptive d Ethical...

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1/3—first exam 1/3—second exam 1/3—new information 1) Ryle’s Category Mistake 2) Physicalism (materialism) a) Behaviorism b) Identity Theory c) Eliminativism a) Strict Determinism b) Indeterminism 4) 5 main arguments for the existence of God (p.136) 5) Chapter 8 a) Theory of Cultural Relativism b) Theory of Self Interest c) Theory of Utilitarianism d) Features of Ethical Judgement 6) Word Bank a) Applied
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Unformatted text preview: b) Benevolence c) Descriptive d) Ethical Subjectivism e) Ethical Conventionalism f) Ethical Egoism g) Excellence of character h) Function i) Intellectual j) Meta k) Moral l) Nature m) Normative n) Objectivism o) Pleasure p) Propriety q) Soul r) Telos s) Theory of Obligation t) Virtue theory u) Virtue 7) Essay related to essay of 2 nd exam: common sense and modern philosophical discussion...
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