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roles in politics

roles in politics - ii Congress(1 Congress can override...

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1) President a) Ideal characteristics i) Firm values ii) Confident iii) Straight forward iv) Trustworthy v) Educated vi) Good public speaker vii)Patriotic viii) Competence ix) Leadership x) ***Relatable to your own political ideologies and beliefs*** b) Roles i) Head of state: ceremonial leader ii) Head of government (1) commander-in-chief of armed forces (2) chief executive: appoints leaders, executive orders (3) legislator (4) chief diplomat (5) power to appoint judges to judiciary c) Relationship with other branches i) Judiciary (1) President appoints Judges in Federal Courts (2) Judiciary determines constitutionality of presidential policies
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Unformatted text preview: ii) Congress (1) Congress can override veto (2) Congress can impeach (3) Must have congressional consent (4) Congress passes budget (5) Congress makes laws (6) Congress declares war (7) President has veto power (8) President can send troops into battle (9) President originally writes budget (10) Executive branch enforces laws d) “Personal Presidency” i) Informal power ii) Congress often defers to President on key issues (i.e.: foreign relations) iii) Party influences iv) Popularity/ public support v) Interpersonal skills/ persuasion...
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