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antifedHW_15 - Paul Donhauser POSC 103 Section 003 10 July...

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Paul Donhauser POSC 103: Section 003 6 May 2009 Homework: “Anti-Federalist No. 15: Rhode Island is Right” 1. The basic argument for Anti-Federalism in this essay is based on Rhode Island’s recent (in regards to the time the essay was written) abolishment of slavery. The writer states that Rhode Island has “out done,” or evolved faster than the Congress in Pennsylvania by liberating the slaves. Furthermore, he discusses how the state has paid every tax that was demanded by Congress with the exception of one. The fact that Rhode Island did not send any representatives to the Constitutional Convention was also mentioned intending to bring light to the fact that the convention was going to formulate an elective monarchy which he states is “the worst government.” He also notes that the new form of Federalism will make each state mere corporations and that taxes will double or triple. The idea that the Supreme Court is to have “appellate jurisdiction” and will override the trial by jury afforded in the bill of rights was also brought forth. Finally, the author concludes by
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