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Paul Donhauser POSC 103: Section 003 12 May 2009 Homework: “Anti-Federalist No. 40: On the Motivations and Authority…” 1. The basis of these several essays from Anti-Federalists is that the Federalists are hiding something in all of their “art” or sophisticated work. That is, the authors feel that the endgame of those in power is vastly different from that of the common man. The authors tell the readers that they should not give their liberties up so freely after being liberated from Britain. They go so far to say that the framers of the Constitution only fought for the liberation of rule from Britain so that they could take the peoples’ liberties themselves. Furthermore, the Anti-Federalists say that only the sophisticated benefit from the formation of a Federation and that the result would be the advancement of fortune and respectability for the well-born and oppress the others or “plebeians” like ancient Rome. They caution the readers to be skeptical as a wrong step now will result in the loss of the
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