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Paul Donhauser 26 February 2007 Dr. Worgs POSC 103 1. less than 1% 2. literacy tests, registrars open only 2 days a week, registrars came late and left early 3. SCLC, NAACP, SNCC 4. Media attention, marches, non-violent protests, simple logic 5. The protesters had videos of the violence against them and other media in their favor to prompt National attention. Furthermore the Christian groups and other activist groups gave their resources and support. 6. The state band the marches while still chastising the local law enforcement for the increasing violence. The state judicial system also denied the marchers the right to assemble, which was later overturned by federal courts. 7. President Johnson encouraged the protesters to march although he told them to wait until he could be sure there would be no violence. President Johnson asked Congress for voting legislation for African Americans, as well. He also chastised local and state law enforcement for the violence against the movement. Furthermore, the President
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