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Legislation Simulation Notes

Legislation Simulation Notes - a Jobs are in jeopardy...

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Legislation Simulation Notes PRO-ICA 1) The Association for Media Decency a) Too much sex: pornographic pictures & videos b) Guns/ weapons 2) Teachers for Responsible Computing a) Hard to control 60 screens with one administrator 3) Federation of Towsonian Religion Leaders a) Morals are on decline b) Corrupting our society 4) The Law Enforcement Officers for a Safe Internet a) Weapons online for children: Columbine b) Substances/ chemical weapons available online for purchase c) Safety CON-ICA 1) Coalition of Internet Companies for a Free Internet
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Unformatted text preview: a) Jobs are in jeopardy: programmers b) Economy 2) Librarians of Towsonia a) Personal choice of morals and ethics to view b) Where is the line drawn? c) Other forms of media illegitimate? d) Free speech & education 3) Towsonian Civil Liberties Union a) Freedom of Speech 4) Website Operators of Towsonia a) Protected by the 1 st Amendment b) Advertisement lost—economy 5) Towsonian News Corporation a) Invasion of rights b) Threatens the freedom of speech/ press...
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