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mid term review - POSC 103 American National Government Mid...

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Mid Term Exam Review Sheet Students should be able to identify (define and/or discuss) the following terms, and should be able to answer all of the questions listed here. Philosophical Foundations and the Founding “State of Nature”: “Without society, we would live in a state of nature, where we each have unlimited natural freedoms”; “war of all against all” Social Contract: governments are only legitimate if they are created by a voluntary compact among the people John Locke Human nature is characterized by reason and tolerance Advocated checks and balances Revolution is not only a right, but an obligation in the right circumstances Thomas Hobbes Human nature is characterized by greed The difference between Hobbes’ social contract and Locke’s social contract Hobbes: people in a state of nature ceded their individual rights to create sovereignty, retained by the state, in return for their protection and a more functional society, so social contract evolves out of pragmatic self-interest; Explicit physical agreement Locke: Traditional fictional sense; ends to a means Identify two examples of Locke’s influence on American political thought in the Declaration of Independence. Justifiable revolution Undeniable civil rights to all humans created equal The federalist papers Faction The mischief of factions What did Madison believe was the most common and durable source of factions? An unequal distribution of property and social classes Did Madison feel a minority faction was a substantial threat within a democracy? Explain. What two characteristics of the proposed federal government did Madison believe would be major controls on the mischief of factions? Representative form of government so the elected are responsible for their constituents to protect from factions Less likeliness of majority rules than in direct democracy Shay’s Rebellion Did Madison believe a larger republic should be preferred to a smaller republic? Why or why not? The Articles of Confederation What were three criticisms of the Articles of Confederation? Lacked taxing authority
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mid term review - POSC 103 American National Government Mid...

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