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APS7 - Paul Donhauser COB 191 Business Statistics Professor...

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Paul Donhauser COB 191: Business Statistics Professor Ping Wang Assigned Problem Set No. 7 7.2) a. ≈0 b. .1587 c. .0139 d. 50.195 7.6) a. Right Skewed because > X median b. Because of the Central Limit Theorem, this would be very close to Normal Distribution c. .1335 or 13.35% 7.8) a. .8413 b. 3.204 minutes c. You must assume that the population distribution is distributed normally. d. 3.152 minutes 7.12) a. =. p 30 b. =. σp 069282 7.14) a. .1635 b. .8461 c. .1151 d. a. .0250 b. .9793 c. .0082 7.16) a. .5000 b. .5704 c. .9522 7.39) Because the average of all of the sample means is the population mean. 7.40) The variation of the sample means becomes smaller as larger sample sizes are taken. 7.41) The larger the sample size, the effects of outliers are less damaging to the data in a larger sample. Page 1 of 3
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7.42) The probability distribution is the distribution of a particular variable of interest, while the sampling distribution represents the distribution of a statistic. 7.43) When the number of successes and the number of failures are at least 5, the normal distribution can be used to approximate the binomial distribution.
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