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Page 1 of 6 Indians and Foreigners 1) Maritime Development in Europe (15 th and early 16 th centuries) a) Ferdinand Magellan 2) Environmental Revolution: old and new worlds start mixing together 3) Reasons for discovery a) Toll road controlled by Muslims to the East Indies (land of riches) b) To try and find a new route with no toll c) Queen Isabella (Aragon) and Prince Ferdinand (Castile) marry to form Spain and rid Spain of Muslims d) Christopher Columbus (Genoa) approaches Spain to find new route going through the Atlantic e) NOTE: people did not believe the world was flat i) Greeks knew it was round and fairly accurate to size; people just believed it was so extravagant f) 1492: Columbus lands in the Bahamas thinking to be in the West Indies g) Bahamas inhabited by the Taino tribe i) Taino priest had vision that their god was coming on a “floating island among the clouds” ii) Believe Columbus to be their God iii) Columbus wants the gold on the island and declares that the new land is his iv) Gives them the “ Requirimiento v) Hispaniola : the renaming of the island vi) Comes back to Spain and heads up an even bigger exploration back to Hispaniola only to find all of his men have been killed by the Taino vii)Taino were sent back to Spain to be sold as slaves and sex slaves because natives were bad labor slaves; most died back on the voyage because of being exposed to new diseases viii) Ferdinand and Isabella upset with the treatment of natives and enact new law to say they cannot be enslaved 4) John Cabot : sent by England to get to Asia; runs into New Finland which was discovered by Norway prior to his landing 5) Cabral : sent by the Portuguese who finds Brazil 6) Natives starting to become dependent on European goods 7) Spain and Conquistadors a) Black Legend : we all exploit natives, but Spain is the worse; in reality not true b) Native American government lead by Moctezuma ( Aztecs Tenochtitlan ) c) Hernan Cortes : leads Spaniards and Taino to attack and take over Tenochtitlan i) 1590: 600 men march into Tenochtitlan because Moctezuma allows them to come in the city in a welcoming manner not knowing he was trying to take it over ii) Shackle Moctezuma; four months of fighting and Cortes is ruthless 8) Fur and Fish trade make Canada and Northern colonization economical 9) Jesuits brought over with the French 10) Tadoussac : city right at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in Canada 11) Algonquians and Iroquois : natives in Canada that the French gain control of
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Page 2 of 6 English Colonization 1) Roanoke Island founded in 1587 ( The Lost Colony ) by John White a) White returns back to England and does not get permission to return to VA to provide food and supplies until it’s too late b) On the way over, his ship is looted by the French and he continues his voyage with pirates c) When he arrives in VA, the colony is deserted 2) Joint-Stock Companies : spreads the cost of colonization over different investors
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06_09 - Page 1 of 6 Indians and Foreigners 1) Maritime...

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