CCSI 360 HOMEWORK 05 SP 08 - CCSI 360 Student Name...

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CCSI 360 Computer Ethics HW 5  Student Name Section  V   Instructor Due Date  Part 1 2 3 4 Total Maximum  Points 25  points 25  points 25  points 25  points 100  points Your Score    Textbook Reading Assignment   Read Chapter(s) 5 in your Computer Ethics  textbook. Part 1 Glossary Terms - Freedom of Expression Define, in detail, each of these glossary terms from the realm of computer ethics, computer science  and computer topics, in general.  If applicable, use examples to support your definitions.  Consult your  notes or course textbook(s) as references or the Internet by visiting Web sites such as:      (a) anonymous expression The ability to state your opinions without revealing your identity (b) Internet filtering Software that can be installed with a Web browser to block access to certain Web sites that contain  inappropriate or offensive material (c) libel A written statement of alleged fact that is false and that harms another person (d) National Security Letter ( NSL ) A government notification that requires financial institutions to turn over electronic records about the  finances, telephone calls, e-mail, and other personal information of suspected terrorists or spies. (e)
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  • Spring '08
  • Papademas
  • First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Child Online Protection Act, john doe lawsuit, Expression Multiple Choice

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CCSI 360 HOMEWORK 05 SP 08 - CCSI 360 Student Name...

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