CCSI 360 HOMEWORK 06 SP 08 - CCSI 360 Student Name...

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CCSI 360 Computer Ethics HW 6  Student Name Section  V   Instructor Due Date  Part 1 2 3 4 Total Maximum  Points 25  points 25  points 25  points 25  points 100  points Your Score    Textbook Reading Assignment   Read Chapter(s) 6 in your Computer Ethics  textbook. Part 1 Glossary Terms - Intellectual Property Define, in detail, each of these glossary terms from the realm of computer ethics, computer science  and computer topics, in general.  If applicable, use examples to support your definitions.  Consult your  notes or course textbook(s) as references or the Internet by visiting Web sites such as:      (a) Fair Use Doctrine A set of criteria that courts employ to determine the fair use of copyrighted property and whether it can be  allowed without penalty. (b) Intellectual Property Distinct works such as art, books, films, formulae, inventions, music and processes that are “owned” or  created by a single entity. (c) Prior Art The body of knowledge available to a person of ordinary skill in an art. A patent cannot be issued for an  invention whose professed improvements already exist in the prior art. (d) Reverse Engineering The process of analyzing finished software to create a new representation of it in a different form or at a  higher level of abstraction. (e)
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This note was uploaded on 07/07/2008 for the course CCSI 360 taught by Professor Papademas during the Spring '08 term at DeVry Chicago.

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CCSI 360 HOMEWORK 06 SP 08 - CCSI 360 Student Name...

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