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The computer I was investigating is my own laptop. I use it mainly for browsing the internet and checking email. Word Documents The only recent documents in the word list were homework assignment I had completed. Recent Browser History My recent browser history was set to 20 days. In the history I could see many , if not all, the sites I have visited. Recent Images My recent images where apparently last stored on the desktop but have since been deleted.
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Unformatted text preview: Recent Windows Documents My recent windows documents where the documents that were in the word list, and some pictures that are no longer available to be seen. Recycle Bin The recycle bin had some folders in it that were created for the desktop but are empty. 10 More Items to Check 1. Firefox history 2. Temp files 3. Internet cache 4. Home Page 5. Bookmarks/favorites 6. My documents 7. My pictures 8. Email client 9. Address book 10. Calendar...
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