Velocity - Rotation All measurements in radians All...

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Velocity, Speed, and Acceleration Momentum and Newton’s laws Forces and Energy (work done on system, no friction) (work done on system, friction) Work is energy, energy is work Center of Mass and Linear Momentum Center of mass is not affected by a collision (same for vectors, y com and z com) (for solid uniform objects) (dV is the volume occupied by a mass dm) Inelastic Collisions Momentum is conserved N J W
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Elastic Collisions Kinetic energy is conserved Momentum is conserved (for hitting stationary objects) (for hitting stationary objects) (for hitting moving target) (for hitting moving target) Variable Mass Systems (M is instantaneous mas, R is the fuel consumption rate, vrel is the fuel’s exhaust speed relative to the rocket) (for constant R and vrel)
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Unformatted text preview: Rotation All measurements in radians All kinematics equations apply to rotation, just substitute omega for V and alpha for a Omega is measured in radians per second squared (for uniform circular motion) (angular position, s is arc length, r is radius) (angular displacement, positive for counterclockwise rotation, negative for clockwise rotation) (linear velocity to angular velocity) (tangential acceleration to angular acceleration) (radial acceleration) (for a body) (for particles) (Parallel-Axis Theorem, relates the rotational inertia of a body about any axis to that of the same body about a parallel axis, h is the perpendicular distance between the two axes) (torque) \...
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Velocity - Rotation All measurements in radians All...

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