PSYCH midterm 2

PSYCH midterm 2 - 1 Distinguish primary and secondary...

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1. Distinguish primary and secondary creativity for Maslow. Discuss 5 characteristics of primary creativity. Discuss Three blocks to creativity In our culture. According to Maslow, primary creativity is the inspirational phase of creativiness and must be separated from the working out and development of the inspiration. On the other hand, secondary creativity is the process of completion, refining for high quality, editing, and is the final process of taking the initial inspiration or thought to completion. The five characteristics of primary creativity that Maslow discusses are: first, the thought comes in a dreamlike/unfocused state of mind, second, relinquish control, third, when we become totally immersed in the present moment and feel some sort of integration between the self and nonself, 4 th , we become one with the subject ( in other words, we become the dance or poem that we created) and the self transcends, and lastly in primary creativity all our fears disappear thus we become more much ourselves, our REAL selves. Three blocks to creativity in our culture include: we are all brought up as having to succeed in whatever it we do, peer pressure, and an emphasis on efficiency. 2.
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PSYCH midterm 2 - 1 Distinguish primary and secondary...

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