Final Exam Part B

Final Exam Part B - I It should be more than just a foreign...

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It should be more than just a foreign policy of the United States, but a top national interest to secure a long lasting solution to the looming energy crisis that will affect the entire world. The United States has several issues to address in order to side-step any energy problems in the future. The three key things that the government must address is increasing alternative fuel production, reducing energy usage and reforming the American transportation system in the government and in the average citizen’s life. The government must help spearhead the production of alternative fuels to provide a viable option besides oil for consumers. But it cannot stop there, it must also reduce energy usage to insure that the entire country can sustain itself on a new energy source. Furthermore and the most complicated task is to reform the entire way that the United States performs transportation by uprooting the oil lobbyist in the government and expanding the infrastructure to give real life alternatives to citizens. The purpose for the United States to make energy a top national interest is to reduce its vulnerability and any step that pursues that goal should be taken. The 1973 oil crisis should have been a national awakening for the United States, but instead the country has dug itself deeper in the same hole and has neglected to create any changes. The United States has had thirty years since the oil crisis and not until now is the idea of becoming self-reliant becoming a widespread demand from the general public. The first major step that the United States will have to take is by helping to make alternative fuels an available product for the general public. The first step is to expand the production of alternative fuels, such as ethanol but to do this the government will have to approach American farmers and make the ethanol industry more systematic and mainstream. By making ethanol more available, “The United States can reduce oil I
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Final Exam Part B - I It should be more than just a foreign...

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