Chapter 1 Notes (Kardong)

Chapter 1 Notes (Kardong) - pass on his big muscles to...

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Chapter 1 Notes Evolution of Evolution Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory Conditions: 1) Members of a species, in unchecked, increase naturally in number 2) Competition among species for scarce resources 3) Survival of the fittest Mechanism- Natural selection Fixity of Species Linnaeus (Linne) -taxonomy -believed species were unchanging Change of Species Lamarck: -inheritance of acquired characteristics Species acquired new traits based on what the environment did to them but this was wrong because germ cells pass on traits, not somatic cells. Arnold Schwarzenegger would not
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Unformatted text preview: pass on his big muscles to wimpy kids-also wrongly proposed that species headed towards perfection ladder-primitive species vs derived species former refers to earlier organisms and latter, later Two people who brought natural selection to public A.R. Wallace-Reading Mathus helped him come up with natural selection (survival of the fittest)-poor Charles Darwin-born well-off-Origin of species 2 problems: 1) the question of variation 2) time...
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Chapter 1 Notes (Kardong) - pass on his big muscles to...

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