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exam 2 stuff - decades all inclusive epic-Goals force...

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Terms: wellmade play, realism, forthwall, expressionism, subtext What playwrights have brought that’s diff? ibson, o’neil (tradition of realism, personal, professional), bract (important theorist and playwright), Chekov (acting techniques, Moscow theater) ?s on play and the plot; people and stories and what they’re going through; life, mother courage Identify main characters; lapackey bout orchard; brother.. main lady, fierce.. footman, student… traphema Stage directions; ids…. Description of setting Social and cultural influences… rise of realism Darwin; Freud… interpretation of dreams Influences of anti-realist Playmaker’s shows Chekov ( more like a dinner convo then a melodrama) Brecht (wants audience to be emotionally detached; wants them to be critically aware of the circumstances and choices that have brought these people to these paths; wants you to see war as something avoidable rather than normal)
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Unformatted text preview: decades; all inclusive epic-Goals: force critical thinking Provoke audience---- change Techniques : 1. Episodic plot: each scene of mother courage is its own little episode; progression as time goes 2. Presentational stagecraft: let the audience see the band instead of putting them in the orchestra; used a 9 ft half curtain; used turn tables; would make things look harsh and unrealistic ( ibson and Chekov would try to make real sunsets); makeup was cartoony; Chekov wanted them to become the character and feel what they were feeling… he wanted his actors to communicate the emotional state but not feel it • Saw ww1 and depression; saw alternatives became communist • Go change things. . wanted things to happen 1 st scene in mother courage (recruiter and sergeant) No sense of honor; war gives you order. ....
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