MEM355W07-08.Exam2_studs - team-specific settling time(Ts...

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MEM 355: Performance Enhancement of Dynamic Systems Winter 07-08 MidTerm Exam II Take-home, team project (include the ‘effort-sheet’ with your exam) due: electronic copy (word or pdf), Monday, 03/03/08 by midnight. (Relevance to a-k outcomes: a, c, e, k) ======================================================================== ============
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The transfer function for an AFTI/F-16 aircraft relating angle of attack , α (t), to elevator deflection, δ e (t), is given by 2 2 ( ) ( 23)( 0.05 0.04) ( ) 0.072 ( ) ( 0.7)( 1.7)( 0.08 0.04) e s s s s G s s s s s s + + + = = - + + + Assume the block diagram shown below for controlling the angle of attack and do the following: a. Find the range of K for stability (you may set G c (s) = 1 , in this step) b. Plot or sketch a root locus c. Design a cascade compensator to yield zero steady-state error (type-0), and the
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Unformatted text preview: team-specific settling time (Ts) and %OS provided in Table A. d. Obtain a time response plot for 50 of commanded angle of attack to verify your design. e. With your compensator in the loop, obtain the bode and nyquist plots and determine the gain and phase margins of the system. Show these margins in both the Bode and Nyquist plots and describe how you computed these gains – “matlab gave me the answer” is unacceptable. Team # T s (sec) %OS 1 0.10 10 2 0.08 15 3 0.05 20 4 0.03 25 5 0.01 30 comments & hints : A similar problem was worked in class. It is in your lecture notes. It is suggested that you select the gain K first, and then design a compensator (lead, lag, or lead-lag – you need to decide)....
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MEM355W07-08.Exam2_studs - team-specific settling time(Ts...

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