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When you have completed module 1, part 4, on variables, declarations, and assignments, please ask a consultant to give you a quiz on this material. The purpose of the quiz is to make sure that we all have the same idea on what it means to execute an assignment statement. The consultant will give you a sheet of paper with a sequence of declarations and assignment statements on it and will ask you to: 1. Write down the steps in executing an assignment statement (these are: (1)
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Unformatted text preview: evaluate the expression, and (2) store its value in the variable). 2. Draw all the variables that are used in the sequence of declarations. 3. Execute the sequence of assignment statements, by hand. If you don't fully understand what is required, or if you have an incorrect notion of what it means to execute an assignment statement, the consultant will spend some time explaining it to you. You can then come back the next day and take the quiz again....
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