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Unformatted text preview: Executing method calls Introduction It is important that you understand how a method call is executed, for several reasons. This knowledge will give you a better understanding of how a program is executed. You may have to execute a call yourself, by hand, in order to debug a program. Knowledge of how a call is executed is useful in analyzing the time and space requirements of a program. Finally, this knowledge will also be extremely valuable when you learn about recursion. So let’s begin. The frame for a call Here is an object of class Employee . We show only one field and one method, function num . We have drawn the method body here, too, in order to make clear what is happening. This method yields the number of times its parameter c occurs in the name of the employee. We have labeled the statements with numbers so that we can refer to them later. We will illustrate using the call v.num('e') . When a call is executed, a frame for the call is created. It contains information that is needed in order to ex- ecute the call. How it is stored in a computer doesn’t matter; here, we describe how we draw frames when we ecute the call....
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