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Part 4 - the earth iv Issue Relation of Law of Moses to...

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Part IV: The Shaping of the middle Ages 1. The Beginning of Christianity: Ch. 9 a. Jewish Backgrounds i. Hebrew Bible (Torah = Law of Moses): becomes Christian “Old Testament” ii. Monotheism: one universal God for all iii. Supernatural Beings: demons (to explain evil), angels (to assist believers) iv. Messiah (Anointed One): what kind? Priest, King or Prophet b. Greek and Roman Mystery Religions i. Cult of Isis (300): Egyptian goddess who raised her husband, Osiris, form the dead = savior figure. ii. Culture of Mithras (Persian) : Savior God who killed the Bulled of Heaven & used the blood to save mankind; birthday on December 25 (winter solstice) iii. Common Ideas & Practices: Son of God, Savior, eternal life in heaven, initiation by baptism, communion meal. c. Jesus, Founder of Christtianity i. Date: 4 BC? – AD 30? ii. Teachings & miracles in the 4 Gospels (305-307): Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John iii. Message: repentance, kingdom of Goa at hand, poor will inherit
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Unformatted text preview: the earth iv. Issue: Relation of Law of Moses to Xnity v. Issue (handout): Divorce. Yes or No? Exceptions? d. Development of Christianity: 1 st to 8 th Century i. Jewish Xnity (1 st Century): Jesus as teacher of Torah (=Matthew’s Gospel) ii. Gentile (Greek & Roman) Xnity (2 nd – 3 rd Cent): removes Jewish customs from Xnity = Cosmopolitan Xnity Variety. iii. Catholic (Universal) Xnity (4 th ): creeds regulate Xn beliefs and customs for all iv. Catholic vs. Greek Orthodox Xnity (5 th – 8 th ): Divided Roman Empire >> divided church into Easter (Greek) & Western (Roman/ Latin) 2. Early Christian Faith in the Arts (Ch. 9 & 10) a. Creeds i. Orthodoxy = correct thinking or beliefs ii. Dogma = doctrine, what you have to believe iii. Heresy/heretic: wrong beliefs/believer iv. Nicene Creed, AD 325 (295-96) • Creed = statement of beliefs without...
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Part 4 - the earth iv Issue Relation of Law of Moses to...

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