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Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 Disorders of Personality The...

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Chapter 19: Disorders of Personality The Concept of Disorder Psychological disorder o Pattern of behavior or experience that is distressing and painful to the person o Leads to disability or impairment in important life domains o Associated with the increased risk for further suffering, loss of function, death, or confinement Abnormal psychology: Study of mental disorders, including thought disorders, emotional disorders, and personality disorders What Is Abnormal? o Statistical definition: Whatever is rare, not frequent, and not statistically normal o Social definition: Whatever society does not tolerate o Statistical and social definitions are tied to changing social or cultural norms o Psychologists thus look within persons, inquiring about subject feelings and thoughts o Psychopathology: Study of mental disorders o Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th ed. (DSM-IV): Widely accepted system for diagnosing and describing mental disorders What is a Personality Disorder? o Enduring pattern of experience and behavior that differs greatly from expectations of a person's culture o Disorder is usually manifested in more than one of following areas: Thoughts, feelings, how a person gets 1
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along with others, and the ability to control own behavior o Pattern of behavior is rigid and displayed across a variety of situations, leading to distress in key areas of life such as work and relationships o Pattern of behavior typically has a long history in a person's life, often back to adolescence or childhood o Pattern must not be attributable to drug abuse, medication, or other medical condition Varieties of personality disorder o DSM-IV lists 10 personality disorders, classified
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Chapter 19 - Chapter 19 Disorders of Personality The...

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