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Marketing era - To From Subject Reference Date Prof Noel...

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1To: Prof. Noel, MAR 3023 From: Subject: #4 Marketing Era Reference: BW Mar. 17, 2008 pg. 60 - see attached article Date: March 20, 2008 In “Upwardly Mobile Stationery”, a Business Week article by Aaron Pressman, Staples is upgrading their image from a basic office supply carrier to an upscale line of office goods. With a fancier line of products, displayed to appeal to high-end consumers, Staples is hoping to improve its company standing as well as profits. Questions arise as to wether a decline in retail spending and economic duress will put a damper on the new business plan. Staples has been previously in the sales era , focusing on maintaining competitive with other companies by selling basic office supplies. Being able to provide the entire spectrum of office goods at reasonable prices provided Staples with a secure standing with their target market. However, faced with a three-quarter slump in sales after growth in the last five years, a new direction is being suggested that will change the previous business plan entirely. With the
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