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1To: Prof. Noel, MAR 3023 From: Subject: #2. Marketing Segmentation Reference: BW Feb. 4, 2008 pg. 68 - see attached article Date: February 5, 2008 In “Social Networks That Break a Sweat, by Paula Lehman in Business Week, Bode Miller is introduced as the creator of, a social-networking site for “anyone who has a passion for the mountains”. Since the creation of networks such as MySpace and Facebook, popularity for online gathering is snowballing. Miller found an niche that had yet to be developed with this new technology. ..winter sports. Through market development , he discovered a new way to advertise the same products in a unique way, and gather a market of target consumers specifically interested in those products. Spots fans are a broad market , and have had sites opened up for many pro leagues “including the NBA, NHL, Nascar, and PGA Tour”. Miller took this one step further and developed a site specifically for skiers. As a professional downhill skier, he has firsthand knowledge of products
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