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1To: Prof. Noel, MAR 3023 From: Subject: #3. Positioning Reference: BW Feb. 25, 2008 pg. 55 - see attached article Date: February 22, 2008 In Business Week article, “Japan: Google’s Real-Life Lab” by Kenji Hall, the web-based giant Google is bringing service to Japan’s discriminating technology market. While they face a strong competition from the current mobile market, they are also utilizing Japanese consumers as the ultimate test to their products. Internet functions that were new and successful in the United States were quickly dismissed by the Japanese, who have had such technologies available for years. Google is trying to learn how the most critical consumer views their product, and will use this information to develop a more competitive service for a more expansive market. Positioning in Japan provides a steady feed of market research, provided by information drawn from Google’s new partner MTT DoCoMo, Japans number 1 wireless carrier. Being able to see where and when consumers use their products has been eye opening, and provides insight to what services
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