ISE 382 Spring 2008

ISE 382 Spring 2008 - Database Systems Concepts design and...

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Database Systems: Concepts, design, and implementation ISE 382 (3 Units) Description Concepts in modeling data for industry applications. Designing and implementing robust databases. Querying databases to extract business intelligence; Global Enterprise Resource Planning with databases. Content To prepare students to model and build databases and data-based systems with specific focus on Data modeling using Entity-Relationship model Database design Structured Query Language (SQL) Database application design Business Intelligence: Reporting and data mining Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and databases Prerequisite CSCI 101L (Basic understanding of a programming language) Instructor Nitin Kale, Information Technology Program, Contact Information Email: [email protected] | 213.740.7083 | OHE 412 Office Hours Tuesday 11-12 Tuesday 3:30 – 5 Wednesday 1 - 2 Lecture 2 – 3:20 T | KAP 160
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Labs (choose o n e ) 9:30 – 10:50 F | OHE 540 2 – 3:20 Th | OHE 540 Teaching A s s i s t a n t Haifeng Ji, [email protected] Grader Yi Jin, [email protected] Textbook Database Processing: Fundamentals, Design, and Implementation, Tenth Edition, David Kroenke, Prentice Hall, ISBN 013167272 Grading Final grade will be based upon the total points received, the highest total in the class, and the average of the class. Projects
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ISE 382 Spring 2008 - Database Systems Concepts design and...

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