Two Papers - Hypothesis Paper Theme: Empirically based...

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Hypothesis Paper Theme: Empirically based Strength determined by data Hypothesis driven – if … then … (yours) Primary source – including meta-analysis Not including review paper of empirical No first person 0. Introduction 1. Common elements 0. Importance 1. History 2. Theory 3. Hypothesis * must be included 0. Operational definitions 1. Citations can be non-empirical 2. Results 4. 3 empirical articles summarized in narrative form 5. Common narrative form 2. Introduce study 3. Tell how done – method 4. Tell what happened – results 5. Indicate strength in narrative – not a number 6. Citations not references – must be empirical 3. Discussion – your turn 7. Summary of results 8. Meaning or implication of results 9. Limitations of results 10. Can address what now needs to be done 11. Can address implications 12. Must Address was your hypothesis supported, refuted or did it get mixed results 13. Can use citations as support 4. References – not bibliography 14. APA format 15. Alphabetical 16. Carefully done
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5. Remember 17. You have created a secondary source 18. Should be clear to a novice 19. It does not matter whether you support, refute or have a mixed result – it only matter that you think it
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Two Papers - Hypothesis Paper Theme: Empirically based...

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