ASAMST 20A 1-31 - ASAMST 20A Lecture: Thursday, January 31...

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Unformatted text preview: ASAMST 20A Lecture: Thursday, January 31 31/01/2008 17:03:00 Four photos and Captions: The training of a Dragon Dancer is not easy. o Lion troop practicing at Kung Fu Studio. Short and Fast. o Dim Sum walk-up in Monterey Park Asian Supermarket, center of all things. o Asian Supermarket in Richmond. Foreign language classes, we all need them. o 8 th Grade Mandarin language class 2006 Issue of California: Magazine of the CA Alumni Association of Berkeley California and China are celebrating together but at the same time, building tension o One third of SF people are Asian o Billions of products from China o One third of all students entering Cal is Asian o Written essay of California and China Connection Trade Cali exports to mainland China increase (6.8 billion dollars in 2004) Cali firm face competition from Chinese textile (garlic) Piracy causes Culture (these things are so common now) Many Cali real estate understands feng shay in order to close deals of buyers Meditation (tai chi) Chinese medicine (acupunture) Technology Transfer 1990s wave of Chinese scholars came to Cal and Standford to learn computer engineering and moving to Silicon valley new wave of Chinese from mainland coming to learn Environment Coal burned from Chinese factories affect California ozone layer Babies Most adopted babies are by US families than any other ethnicity 7,900 Chinese babies adopted from October Reading of four documents: Cites of California and American West connection that is intimate and dates back to second half of 19 th century 31/01/2008 17:03:00...
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This note was uploaded on 07/08/2008 for the course ASIAN STUD 20A taught by Professor Choy during the Spring '08 term at University of California, Berkeley.

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ASAMST 20A 1-31 - ASAMST 20A Lecture: Thursday, January 31...

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