ASAMST 20A LeWeek Three

ASAMST 20A LeWeek Three - ASAMST 20A Lecture for Week Three...

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Unformatted text preview: ASAMST 20A Lecture for Week Three 05/02/2008 17:09:00 ← Racial Formation • “the socio-historical process through which racial categories are created, inhabited, transformed, and destroyed” o From the “Racial Formation in the United State,” Micheal Omi and Howard Winant (new York:Routledge, 19860 • Racial categories are dynamic, unstable, and changeable over time o Race did not use to be with us. In ancient time, class, status, were more important. In the 17 th century, America established a racial system through slavery. Although slavery did exist before the 17 th century, it was not based on race but rather war, colonization, etc. When a new concept of freedom “equality” in America during Revolution created a contradictory paradox. How could a country founded on freedom, exercise slavery. Race was then made to naturalized “blacks” as inferior. Race is used as a justification for oppression. In late 18-19 th century, racists were separate species, leading to generation of race understanding through biology. The creation of race justified the suppression of African Americans and Asians. Racial superiority for whites in the late 19 th century was seen as natural. o Race was seen as biological, innate but the more recent research and understanding ( racial formation theory ) have lead to the understanding that race is social construction. Race is formed by institutions, politics, popular culture, social attitudes. o Dynamics of race and how it changes over time: Example: Mexicans were considered “whites” until the 1930s when successful lobbyists were able to change legality of the category “Mexican” Document #10 (p.20): judicial treatment against other asian Document #10 (p....
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ASAMST 20A LeWeek Three - ASAMST 20A Lecture for Week Three...

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