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LAST NAME _________________ - 1 - LAST NAME __________________ FIRST NAME _______________ DISCUSSION SECTION _________ TA’s FIRST NAME ___________ The midterm period is 50 min in length. No exceptions. You may only take the midterm in the lecture you are enrolled in. No exceptions. You may only have a black or blue ink pen, nonprogrammable calculator, and molecular model set in your personal possession during the midterm. Any writing in pencil will not be eligible for regarding. Follow all directions, those written and those expressed by a TA or Dr. Villa. Communicating with others other than the TAs and Dr. Villa is strictly prohibited in the lecture hall. Read all the questions very carefully before you write any answers. Write clearly. Illegible writing is not acceptable and won’t be graded. Nothing on the back of a page will be graded. No exceptions. Failure to follow directions may result in penalization. That is, points may be deducted from your score. Regrades of the midterm are at the discretion of Dr. Villa and may result in an increase, decrease, or no change in the total points earned for this assignment. First letter of your last name I swear/affirm that I have not given nor received any assistance with this midterm, and that I have read and understand all of the directions. I also swear/affirm that I am enrolled in the specific lecture that this midterm is being administered. (Note: This midterm will not be graded without your dated signature.) Signature: _____________________________ Date: __________________ Total (100 pts) p. 2 (X pts) ______ p. 3 (X pts) ______ p. 4 (X pts) ______ p. 5 (X pts) ______ p. 6 (X pts) ______ Total ______
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LAST NAME _________________ - 2 - 1 . Consider the tetrapeptide whose sequence is ALEN. a) Calculate the net overall charge of this peptide at pH 2. (6 pts) b) Calculate the isoelectric point for this peptide. (4 pts) Show ALL your work below for credit. State both of your final answers in the box
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classes_spring08_153A-1ID29_080421_PracMidterm1 - LAST NAME...

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