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Question #I (16 points total) (Very short answer questions) '4 (IA-2pts) How many stereoisomers does the linear form of D-glucose have? d = \ (IB-2pts) The network of metabolic reactions that convert small simple molecules to increasing more complex and larger molecules is called: (IC-2pts) The Bohr effect describes the effects of these two molecules on hemoglobin. (I D-Zpts) What twobiophysical techniques are used to determine the three-dimensional structures of proteins? [do not use acronyms in your answer] PV~~AC (1 ) Qr~~w~iur -- - u (2) ~*a> ~lr>~i&~ rc-,$- \ (I E3pts) List three types of macromolecular lipid structures. 1) &i\mcrs LC&> 3) L.,65&4) (1 F9pts) What does the quaternary structure of a protein tell you? were noted to cluster at specific sites within integral membrane proteins structure. Where do they tend to cluster and why? Question #2 (12 points total) he protein Sortase contains 250 amino acids. The following amino acids within it form a parallel beta sheet: ~sn~~~-~he'~~-lle'~~ and ~l~~~~-~a1~~~-~eu~~~ - - (2A-8pts) Draw the structure of this sheet. You d:
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classes_winter08_153AHID41_midterm_1_key - .aced y ~ uo...

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