Midterm_1 - COMMUNICATION 201 3 dimensions of rhetoric:...

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COMMUNICATION 201 3 dimensions of rhetoric: Rational Emotional Ethos/ value Philosophical Conceptions: Plato – rhetoric is nothing Aristotle – rhetoric is a pragmatic tool 20 th C – language creates things, “rhetoric is everything” Functions of Rhetoric: Heuristic Eristic Protreptic SOPHISTS – traveling teachers Problems with studying Sophists (3) Presuppositions of the Sophists (5) Nomos Kairos Teaching methods Dialectic Endoxa Epideixis Protagoras (an important Sophist, 4) Father of debate Dissoi Logoi Antilogike Systemizing Eristic Argument Gorgias About him (4) Conception of rhetoric Ornamentation of words Antithesis Chiasmic structure Encomium for Helen Language as an abstraction from the thing itself Distinction between Greek Orators Attic Orators Asiatic Orators ISOCRATES – not a sophist 4 key points What he taught Thematic
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Pragmatic Wrote: Against the Sophists Antidosis 3 essentials to be an effective orator: Natural talent Practice Basic principles Argued against the Sophists Rhetorical success does not lead to virtue Sophists do not teach virtue Teach a fraud based on learning popular phrases Key ideas of Isocrates (5) Goals of rhetoric (3) Political rhetoric – goodness Judicial rhetoric – the right Self-serving – greed PLATO – a philosopher
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Midterm_1 - COMMUNICATION 201 3 dimensions of rhetoric:...

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