Sociology 410 - Sociology 410 Mind Self and Society 12-1250...

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Sociology 410 – Mind Self and Society 12-1250 MWF (Room) Professor Dr. Hank Johnston (619) 594-1323 Office Hours: MWF 11-1150; 218 Nasatir Hall TA: SooMee Kim; ; OH: W 1-230 + appt Side Notes 33725 Add Code: 5465 Class Notes 01/25/2008 Taking the Roll of the Other I. Introduction to Social Psychology a. What makes us human? i. Mind and conscious thought ii. Language and symbolic communication iii. Born into society iv. Tool use and technology v. Morals b. All these characteristics are based on taking the role of the other (TRO) i. A symbol is at the heart of all communication ii. A symbol is based on shared meaning iii. To use a symbol successfully (to symbolically communicate) you have to TRO. iv. If animals communicate with each other, they must TRO at some level v. TRO is grasping or understanding the response that another person makes to your stimuli vi. Humans are born with this ability according to G.H. Mead 01/28/2008 c. TRO is based first on the S->R (stimulus/response) relationship that is basic to psychological behaviorism (See reading on BF Skinner). i. Animal behavior is based on basic needs. ii. Mead suggests that in humans there is an internal mental process between the Stimulus and the Response S->TRO->R iii. When the baby cries to bring mom instead of crying as a response to an internal stimulus, we have the first example of symbolic
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usage. 1. The cry is a symbol now, it’s meaning is shared by mom and the baby = Mom go to baby. II. The mind according to G.H Mead a. What is Mind (or consciousness) i. Its based on TRO ii. It’s a social process iii. It’s based on symbolic usage (= TRO) 1. You can’t have symbolic usage without TRO iv. It’s manipulating your world mentally through shared meaning (symbols) b. The development of Mind (Weeks reading) i. We start with a “conversation of gestures” 1. There are no symbols here 2. There is no shared meaning a. A Gesture is a programmed animal response. b. Meaning is a stimulus response in a social atmosphere but meaning is not shared. c. Meaning is social. 3. but when two or more organisms interact, stimulating each other to respond to each other, then we have meaning present, but its not shared meaning. 4. For shared meaning you need TRO 01/30/2008u III. Next is the use of significant gestures (= symbols, = TRO, = Shared meaning) a. A significant gesture has shared meaning that is ascertained by TRO i. Remember the baby example (baby crying because of a stimulus shifts to the intentional bringing of mom) b. Meade suggested the vocal gesture is the intermediate step in going from a non-significant gesture to one that uses TRO, namely as significant gesture. i.
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Sociology 410 - Sociology 410 Mind Self and Society 12-1250...

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