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Music 351c - Notes - Music 351C History of Rock and Roll...

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Music 351C – History of Rock and Roll 7:00 – 9:50 Tuesday ENS 280 John Flood [email protected] (619) 594-7452 Office Hours: Before/After Class, Th 1-2; Music 116 Jason GA office hours: MW 2-3 [email protected] Side Notes Sched # 23236 Add # 4935 Syllabus and more info on Blackboard Quiz Questions 02/05/2008 - Radiohead ended up making more money on their online cd venture than they would have otherwise - Coors ampatheater is run by LiveNation. It is San Diego’s biggest venue. Leases the land for a share of the profits and 24 free tickets to each show to the city of Chula Vista It will not be a NASCAR track. - Billboard uses a system called Broadcast Data Systems to track radio airplay. Each song has a “fingerprint” - Pop, country and RandB were the original billboard categories - Mellotron machine is an Analog machine - Robert Johnson recorded 29 songs over 2 years and everyone jacks em - Robert Johnson o Played ahead and behind the beat o Used a combination of slide and finger playing o Lack of intrest in formal structure o Melody and accompaniment in guitar playing while singing - Early Blues men got from town to town by Train. - CD sales still capture the bulk of music fans spending. - AOL iTunes major companies (Not Pandora) - Universal EMI Sony and Warner are the major distributors - Sheet music was the first way to get singles (player piano - Buddy holly used a solid body electric guitar, popularized two guitars bass and drums o Wrote his own material o Used his own studio for overdubs - Buddy holly did his all his touring over two years - Live Nation, AEG live, nederlander concerts are operating promoters in san diego
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(bill grahm is no longer in san diego) - Blind Willie Johnson – Nobodys fault but mine, frequently covered (led zeppelin especially) TEST 2 Extra Credit Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad (More info to come) Class Notes 01/22/2008 Start of Rock and Roll - Arabia, Middle East – Scale patterns, melodic sequences. - Spain – Moorish occupation 5 th century – 15 th century Rythmic freedom singing. - African Music o Boubacar Traore – Kar Kar Madison (Mali) Kar Kar Madison (Traore’s stage name) literally sings the lyrics “Hire me” Africans like bands that used to look for gigs in the US 50 years ago. Sit in public playing music to attract employers. o Slaves came from Congo, Dahomey, and the Mali Empire. o Griot’s (praise singers) o Kora – Stringed instrument resembling a harp fused with a guitar. Played by plucking. Prince Diabate (Hadla Sira) Mande o Banjo – African origin (Slave instrument) Made from Ground Hog skin Ngoni (Banana looking banjo) Amadau et Mariam “Mon Amour, Ma Cherie” o Field Holler – Same music, different lyrics, and vocal tones and pitch. Vocals were slave improved, altered and embellished. Created
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Music 351c - Notes - Music 351C History of Rock and Roll...

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