Soc250- Notes - Soc 250 Intro to Social Research 5:00-6:15...

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Soc 250 – Intro to Social Research 5:00-6:15 MW SH 237 Roland Werner, Ph.D., Instructor [email protected] (619) 594-5484 Office Hours: MW 4:00-4:55; NH 214 Website: Side Notes Add Code: 1240 Class Code: 53631 Tests are 20% lecture and 80% book Long Green Scantrons Essay Notes And what do those pills do? Depression, other reasons for using anti-depressants What did people do without them? Different degrees of depression, funk. ADD, unmotivated persons, etc. Class Notes 01/23/2008 Course Goals - Sociology can be treated scientifically - Two pillars are Empirical information/observations validating theory - To advance social knowledge consensus is required o To be able to write a journal quality paper - Soc research can be descriptive (Qualitative) , statistical (Quantitative) or a mixture of both - Theory Model - Systems – parts work together, everything is a system - Theory Building based on actual sociological imperical research - Learn to write a research report based on our findings Weekly Assignment - No books, No computer, All Journals - Macro Sociology topics are not acceptable o Small scale soc problems - Articles and resources can only be found at SDSU’s library - Articles from 2005-2008 only may be used for resources - (Interactions and communicating are good topics)
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- 3 Pages, 250 Words. Pg1-2 are 250 words, pg 3 is references o Paragraph formed dry, intro statement, exposition, closing statement reinforcing intro. o DONT double space references, use 100’s digit in page numbers. -
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Soc250- Notes - Soc 250 Intro to Social Research 5:00-6:15...

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