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weeeek 16 - -Jason Oliver Chang-why was choy suey...

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Orientalism -“the orient has helped to define Europe as its contrasting image, idea, personality, experience” - signifies a system of representations -creates and perpetuates this system of thought primarily through scholarship about the “Orient” -> backward v. forward -> uncivilized v. civilized -> feminine v. masculine -> static v. dynamic - pop culture disseminates ideas anout the legitimacy of the US colonization of the Phillipines to the general public, thought ht ePhillipine Reservation at the 1904 St. Louis world Fair -publicizes ideas about peoples and cultures that impact live experiences -creates and perpetuates stereotypes and “controlling images” - Document 3: Filipino immigrant criticizing image of Filipino of being uncivilized affecting how ppl viewed him - ex. advertisement of “Pear’s Soap” refers to “The White Man’s Burden” - east is dirty, vs. west which is clean STEREOTYPES - Fu Manchu: evil plotter from Chinese gov’t - Dragon Lady The Cultural Politics o Making Chop Suey
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Unformatted text preview: -Jason Oliver Chang -why was choy suey popular -What role did restaurants play in the development o Chinatown -Chinese restaurants in SF became important vehicles to transform the identity of SF’s Chinatown form a vice-filled ghetto into a showy tourist destination-b/c choy suey had aquired populaat cultural meaning, however, abivalent is was, it supplied Chinatown’d merchant’s with the meand to economic stability and the substance of a suitable public image after the 1906 earthquake-consumed by more Americans than Chinese -historical context- Chinese exclusion acts 1882- Chinatown vice comissons - US Imperilism in the Pacific - Panama Canal-1906 Earthquake - how did these factors set the stage for the reconstruction of SF’s Chinatown- economic viability , accommodate expectations fo whites, fulfill image makeover, absorb paper son migration- race is relational -chop suey symbolizes national integration Mediates Chinese / white relations > floer drum song-ch...
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weeeek 16 - -Jason Oliver Chang-why was choy suey...

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