psych lecture notes ch.2-5, 7-8

psych lecture notes ch.2-5, 7-8 - Wednesday, 5 September...

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Wednesday, 5 September 2007 PSYCH 1 PSYCHOLOGY LECTURE CHAPTER 2 Office Hours 12-1 Monday 1-2h30 Thursday at le Med Café CORE IDEAS CONTINUED --Representative Transformations Ex. Goatherd Story – larger operation to collect taxes - Important feature analogy: idea of photons in vision -Physiology: how the eye picks up radical information and reacts to the photons, and is represented in a different form -What we're directly experiencing is not what we really see -The relationships between the two are different in detail –we have representation in consciousness -Physiological aspect: Images get divided into two by the eye and reversed > comes back to one -We combine the image with passed background knowledge, flushing the gist of things -We are born with a specific structure that we take to us in the real world --The Four Domains Physics, Physiology, Consciousness, Behavior Steps the evolve into the behavior - Psychologists deal with behavior and perspective to understand the psychological aspect - Need to understand the physical level and how that affects the behavior -Physiology affects the behavior, no consciousness -Consciousness could make decisions and direct behavior SCIENCE AND PSYCHOLOGY Textbook: objective science but views are still distorted Human beings inherently distort things > screws us up --Francis Bacon (1561-1626) - Philosopher and founder of modern science - Bacon was interested in the apriori and how humans screw things up - He was attributed to Shakespeare's plays --Science as Purified Politics - A political genius, but people didn't like him for background values (homosexual); this interfered with his brilliance - King James came and Bacon became more popular - Bacon's idea: we do science by social interaction > can't avoid politics -- "Idols of Tribe": All Humans
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- Try to tone down all that screws up politics and science is the result Idols of the Tribe: characteristics we're born with that screw us all up in the world All human beings have certain characteristics and we see things certain way We're stuck with certain fundamental predispositions and this is called Idols of the Tribe Ex. Causation: presumption to jump to conclusions These characteristics aren't exactly negative, but Bacon wanted to purify this > people working for the common aim by removing these road blocks he saw because of the way we're set up Interfering with science --"Idols of the Theater": Dogmas, culture specific one problem was that the idea that the world was caused very recently (natural selection) Ex. Presumption that the world was caused recently ^ --No Adequate Account of Science Yet (take his word for it) people will point out certain characteristics like experiments you can't experiment directly in astrophysics but there's a lot of theatrical experiments you can do a lot of features of science aren't there Ex. Darwin BOOK: 27-28 page is bullshit trying to get us a sense of what science is. It be great if we could satisfy these lessons –issue of how we view science; moving to abstract that
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psych lecture notes ch.2-5, 7-8 - Wednesday, 5 September...

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