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REVIEW NOTES FOR SECOND MIDTERM NOVEMBER 2007 This review sheet does not cover all possible questions. But it does touch on many of them, and will help you organize your thinking. You are responsible for all information presented since the last midterm. There will be no questions about material covered before the first mid-term, but you should briefly recall the gist of earlier material when it has been explicitly referred to since. The most important of these areas are: (a) hierarchical organization, (b) multiple causation, (c) representative transformations, and (d) how concepts help us handle novel information. Multiple choice questions will account for about 50% of the points, fill-ins about 10%. Some of these questions will ask about material in the text that was not discussed in lecture or section. Some MC and fill in questions will defiantly ask about the main types of mental disorders and their symptoms. Study Chapter 16 with this in mind. Short answer and essay questions will always deal with material explicitly discussed in lecture and/or section.
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