hybridtongues - Hybrid Tongues "Because I, a mestiza,...

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Hybrid Tongues “Because I, a mestiza , continually walk out of one culture and into another, because I am all cultures at the same time, alma entre dos mundos, tres, cuatro, me zumba la cabeza con lo contradictorio . Estoy norteada por todas las voces que me hablan Simultáneamente .” (Anzaldúa, 99) What emotions are invoked when we read this passage by Anzaldúa in her work Borderlands (La Frontera): The New Mestiza ? If you limit the field of vision to only the words Anzaldúa writes, we can see that she is a mestiza, a mix of Mexican and Native American. She is a part of many contradictory cultures at the same time; she has multiple identities that coexist within her being. Anzaldúa expresses both in Spanish and English that she speaks the language of many cultures- and with pride. The fusion of languages is very apparent and prevalent in Anzaldúa’s writing. This amalgam of Spanish and English spoken simultaneously with the same tongue, otherwise known as Spanglish, demonstrates to us hybridity at its best. Anzaldúa embraces all of her ancestry while retaining the differences that each culture brings. Through her use of language, she discovers her identity and shows her pride in being both Hispanic and American. Her sense of self is derived from having a language of her own, be it Spanish or English or even an odd combination of both. Language is a most important factor when one’s cultural identity is in question, and this is demonstrated all too well by Bodega Dreams by Ernesto Quiñonez and the short story “Let’s Go, Mexico” by Michele Serros. Bodega Dreams is a prime example of hybridity and the preservation of cultural identity through language. Towards the end of the novel, in a dream protagonist Julio “Chino” Mercado 1
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has, the late Willie Bodega appears to him proclaiming his opinions on the new language that has the potential of merging two cultures and leading both into a bright, prosperous future together.
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hybridtongues - Hybrid Tongues "Because I, a mestiza,...

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